What goes around comes around

6 years ago one of my friend reproached me to put people in boxes, judging them trying to understand them and i ignored it “I’m not judgmental 😉 ” but inside me i know It was true.In Paris where i come from we look at people we looked at each other but my job in restaurant business made me worst,working at the door or on the floor we have to analyse the situation, the guest appearance and behavior and yes we are judging everybody passing the door and dragging them in a little box with label but in New York it is true we cannot judge the book by its cover. 

For my foreigners friend everyday on a street, at the coffee shop,York salad place, gym your a passing in a front of a millionaire, famous artist, writer… but most important you are meeting people with a lot knowledge ready to share with you stories and tips.Just take it!

On my side i have now all this people in food and wine industry, writers, bloggers… trying to put me in a box as french wine blah blah blah but i don’t want to be a wine expert just because I’m the co-founder of the biggest French wine bar in New-York. Yes i selected the wines on the list but i m not an expert or sommelier i’m tasting the wine and if i like it i share it with our guest.

The most important in my work is everyday i m learning when I’m tasting wine and alway thinking about the next adventure.

Please don’t put me in the box I’m Sebsips a wine siper